Central AL Forecast: Tropical Wave Means Increased Rain Chances for Us


SET UP CHANGES: The weather pattern will undergo some changes starting Friday. There will be a better opportunity for rain and that will last through the weekend. The big reason for the uptick in rain chances is an area of low pressure (tropical wave) off Florida’s east coast that will be feeding more moisture into Alabama, along with an approaching front. these two factors will mean more of an unsettled weather pattern from Friday through Sunday, and could even linger into early next week.

TONIGHT: Temperatures settle in the low to mid 70s. The rain is gone tonight. The sky will still have a few clouds.

TOMORROW: The morning will be dry, but I anticipate a few extra clouds early. The rain starts developing late in the afternoon and will stick around through early evening. We will see scattered storms and disjointed line of showers/storms. This will make the precision forecasting a bit more difficult, because there will still be some places that don’t see a drop of rain Friday. those that are fortunate enough to get rain, beware, there may be some locally heavy rainfall amounts. We’re talking drought busting rain. Highs Friday still remain above average, landing somewhere between 90-92° (some variation depending on who gets rain, temps will be slightly lower in those spots)

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