CENTER POINT, Ala (WIAT) — Center Point High School just wrapped up a production that discusses gun violence and school.

The play called “Choices” stems from a bullied student who is ignored and doesn’t have someone to talk to, so he brings a gun to school.

In light of what happened in southeast Texas, Center point students and the theatre arts director said it’s not if but when it’ll happen to them.

The curtain has come down for the center point high school production “Choices”, but the topic is far from over.

“I feel terrified because people always think “it won’t happen to me. It’ll never happen to me”. You don’t know that because one day it could happen to you and that’s the whole reason of us doing the play,” said Asia Perkins, who played a struggling teen in “Choices.

Last Friday, we saw the reports in Texas that 10 lives were lost at a high school.

It has students and teachers at Center Point shaking their heads

“They were like, are you kidding me? What’s next? So the big question they have right now is what’s going to happen to me?”, said LaShanna Tripp, the theatre arts director at Center Point High School. 

“That could have been us. Like it could happen anywhere. It’s just hard to understand. Hard to understand why it happens. It happens at the most random times and you don’t expect it,” said Brian Ford, who played the shooter in “Choices”. 

The shooters motive in the play stems from bullying.

“We could assume someone is fine and they’re doing ok and then all of a sudden they’re not so they’re concerned and as adults, I think we need to do a better job at hearing that cry,” said Tripp. 

Ford said it was an emotional rollercoaster understanding his character, but a big learning experience

“Support them even if you don’t know them. Treat everyone with respect because you never know what they’re going through never know how you could affect someone,” said Ford. 

That’s something the students tell me they’re acting on everyday in school.