CBS Network rejects marijuana ad during Super Bowl LIII


U.S. (WIAT) — Super Bowl LIII is getting closer as the New England Patriots get ready to face the Los Angeles Rams. 

In addition to the big game, are those super bowl ads that are a favorite for many. However, a commercial for marijuana will not be seen in the big game after a decision made by CBS Network.

In both Massachusetts and California, the home states of the teams, the use of medical or recreational marijuana is legal. Acreage Holdings, a so-called “Seed-to-sale” cannabis company, wanted to air an ad about the benefits of medical marijuana during the game. Our network, CBS, rejected it.  

Currently 33 states and Washington D.C. have legalized medical marijuana with doctors subscribing it for a variety of ailments.

“It’s not about getting high,” Retired tight end for the Denver Broncos, Nate Jackson, said. “It’s not about becoming a stoner. The nfl doesn’t have to worry about that. These guys are highly motivated. I think marijuana is the least of their problem.”

Others among the NFL organization do not agree. 

“I would not be in favor of it because i am concerned about the gateway affect that it has on other drugs,” Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank, said. 

Marijuana is a banned substance in the NFL. And in a violent sport, polls show a majority of players support using medical marijuana for to manage their pain.

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