Cancer survivor celebrates remission at World’s Longest Yard Sale


GADSDEN, Ala (WIAT) – For Mary Kathryn Phillips, the 2019 World’s Longest Yard Sale is a celebration.

“I was plugging along, life as normal. Bought a house. Having a great time,” said Phillips. “Then on July 30, 2018, I was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer that became stage three.”

Phillips finished her last round of chemotherapy three weeks ago. She traveled nearly 700 miles from Michigan to Gadsden, Alabama for an adventure.

“I went through so much this past year. Life is short, and I’ve been, in and out of the hospital. In an out of the hospital. And in that stinking bed for months. I’m like, I’m busting out,” said Phillips.

Phillips is a hospice nurse. She says at times she was concerned she would not make it.

“Honestly I thought if I’m going to go, let me go [quickly],” said Phillips. “As soon as possible so my family and friends don’t see me suffer. Just let me go. The thought of leaving them behind was the worst thing ever.”

Now, Phillips has a new perspective on life and thanks God for her recovery. Phillips’s first adventure traveling across the country is only the first of many to come.

“He pulled me through. Pulled me through the back of the line. It wasn’t my time yet. So I’m obligated, I have to do something great with my life. I don’t know what it is though. Still working on that,” said Phillips.

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