Can you pass this driving school test?


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — When is the last time you read through a driver training manual?

If you find yourself in driving school, it’s likely you were pulled over by a police officer and issued a ticket or warning.

Test your knowledge of defensive driving.

Training Associates, Inc. offers defensive driving courses that, in many cases, will keep the ticket off of your record.

For instructor Richard Cezar, it’s about more than that. He says he uses the class to encourage students to change their driving habits for the better.

“I want to cause them to feel differently about driving that’s what the first part of the class is about- attitude has to change.”


We attended a class to learn how to prevent deadly accidents.

The statistics are shocking. Yet, Cezar teaches simple defensive driving habits can prevent major accidents.

Things like not texting while driving, wearing your seatbelt, not speeding, and under no circumstances driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol are all topping the list.

Cezar uses videos with realistic re-enactments to show the devastating impact.

Below, is one video shown during the course that illustrates the dangers of using the phone when you’re behind the wheel.


Cezar said the re-enactments in this video, while disturbing, still do not depict the seriousness of a major crash.

Cezar also touches on other topics that can help prevent accidents. The course manual goes in-depth about checking your tire’s tread, using turn signals, proper stopping distances, and how to drive at intersections.

Much of the information is found in the Alabama’s Driver Manual that 15 and 16 year-olds use to obtain their license.

However, Cezar tells the class, the most important factor in determining how you drive is your attitude.

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