HOOVER, Ala. (WIAT) — Five cities in the metro area are moving one step forward in the process of forming a new solid waste authority. The overall idea is the more homes serviced, the better rates will be.

Hoover will be the first to receive service under the new authority as their current contract expires in September. Leaders say this opportunity will provide them with better service and lower costs.

The city of Hoover, Vestavia Hills, Mountain Brook, Trussville, and Pelham are official members of the Cahaba Solid Waste Disposal Authority.

“We’re excited about this possibility and we appreciate the opportunity to cooperate and collaborate with our neighboring cities,” said Mountain Brook City Manager Sam Gaston.

This is the first disposal authority in the metro area to manage garbage, recycling, and debris services.

“When cities have to go out on their own and negotiate they’re only dealing with the number of front doors or houses they have in their city but when we band together we are dealing with a larger block of front doors and we can get better pricing and to negotiate better service,” said Allan Rice, the city of Hoover Administrator.

Rice says they’ve had an overwhelming amount of interest in the program from surrounding communities.

“We have two others who are taking action this week to approve membership then we have interest from other cities who have called emailed or attending some of our meetings. So we think it will continue to expand and expand at a rapid rate,” said Rice.

City leaders are interested in taking this same approach with a number of different services.

“There are discussions along that line of more regional cooperation and I think overall the last few years you see a lot more cooperation among the cities and also Jefferson County,” said Gaston.

“It could be things like fleet maintenance it could be computer software services it could be any number of things. Were not talking about merging different governments together but we are talking about ways governments can collaborate to save money for the citizens that we all serve,” said RIce.

Next week the solid waste authority will meet here in Hoover to form its board and elect members and then begin the proposal process for vendors.