Bystander shot while standing in line in Walmart


BATON ROUGE, LA – (CBS) – We are following breaking news of a shooting inside of Walmart in Baton Rouge.

Baton Rouge Police Department confirms the shooting was reported around noon at the Walmart on Burbank Drive at Bluebonnet.

According to the Baton Rouge Police Chief, two people were involved in an altercation inside of the store, right before the shooting happened. We are told the altercation happened in the Customer Service area of the store. And at some point duting the altercation, the two suspects pulled out handguns and shot at each other.

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Police say a man was standing in the line when he was shot at least twice. The man was taken to a hospital in a private car. We are told he is listed in stable condition.

Authorities say they have one of the shooting suspects in custody and they are actively searching for the second person.

A massive law enforcement presence, including sheriff’s deputies, Baton Rouge Police and a helicopter, were potted outside the store as police investigate the scene and search for the second suspect.

The sheriff’s office says the incident is not being considered an active shooting situation.

Authorities say they are also checking other Walmarts in the Baton Rouge area.

During the incident, the Walmart store was evacuated. No word on any other injuries. This is an ongoing investigation.

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