Broad daylight dispute leads to fatal shootout at Birmingham apartment complex


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Birmingham Police tell us one person died and another was injured in a shootout at the Valley Brook Apartments on Gallant Dr. According to Lt. Sean Edwards, an altercation involving a number of people preceded what he calls a reckless shooting that left around 30 spent shell casings on the pavement. The call came in around noon.

“Once our officers got here, and I tell you once everybody got here it appeared, it looked extremely chaotic. What we know happened from our preliminary investigation is that there were multiple men down here in the breezeway. What we know there must have been some type of altercation some arguing took place and witnesses said basically there was just a lot of shooting that started,” said Edwards. “There were a couple of people struck that we know of. As you already know there was one of them t hat was shot in the foot and the other person was shot multiple times. He was transported to the hospital. He also died as well,” said Edwards.

Rounds struck multiple apartment buildings as multiple shooters fired back and forth in a breezeway behind some units then in the parking lot between others.

The victim who died was involved in a wreck on Center Point Parkway in route to the hospital in an accident that involved an ambulance and another vehicle, according to Edwards. He says it’s unclear if the shooting victim was alive at the time, but the person was pronounced dead at a local hospital. Edwards said the driver of the other vehicle was also hurt and taken to a hospital.

We spoke to a woman who used to live in the apartment complex.

“We’re living in a time of chaos and we need to learn how to pull together,” said former resident Elizabeth Frazier.  “All they did was shoot. Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot. But I had no problem calling the police. You hear me?”

Lt. Edwards says there were likely more than three shooters. Police are talking to between six and twelve possible witnesses and one potential person of interest, according to Edwards.

“You’ve got certain individuals that are carrying guns, the type of lifestyle and the activities that they are involved in really contributes to this type of violence,” said Edwards. “We just think that based on the activity they was involved in, based on the history that they had with each other, because it’s obvious that they all knew each other whoever was shooting at each other, because normal people don’t just start shooting at each other.”

Frazier says she is thankful she no longer lives in the area.

“I prayed to God and he got me out, thank you Jesus, because honey it’s scary up here. I used to tell them. I ain’t got no problem calling the police on you. I will call 911 in your face because I’ve got grandbabies out here. Grandbabies that didn’t come outside until we was getting in the car leaving,” said Frazier. “This is the devil’s den. That’s all it is. Ain’t enough adults up here. It’s some adults up here, but they need discipline,” she continued.

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