BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Students at Briarwood Christian School are heading back to the classroom this morning.

Best friends Caroline Cornish and Mary-Scott Johnson will be 8th graders this year. They said they are very excited to get this school year going, anticipating new classes and cheer with their friends.

They also said they value the Christian worldview Briarwood incorporates into their education.

“We get to talk about Jesus and that’s really awesome,” said Cornish.

“Because at public schools you can really do that,” added Johnson.

“We just get to talk about it and not hide how we really feel,” said Cornish.

“And we have a lot of great teachers teaching us new things,” said Johnson.  

The Fine Arts Academy Director, and high school art teacher, Belinda Youngblood said they want to help their students find ways to incorporate a biblical world view into everything they do.

In art class, Youngblood said they work with every medium- painting, drawing, sculpting and more.

She said there is nothing like helping a student realize for the first time they have a God given gift, talent and ability to share with the world.

They want students to learn how to profess their faith through their unique talents like art.

“Our goal would be that we want to leave gospel prints wherever we go,” said Youngblood. “And so, we would want them to use their art in their jobs, in their communities, in their church, but also just as a means of sharing hope and life with others.”

The junior high principal, and interim upper school principal, Bobby Kerley said their school leaders are placing a large focus on instilling a teamwork mindset in their students.

Both freshman and senior classes attend back to school retreats.

According to school administrators, this is a fun way to help bring out servant leadership in those students who serve as guide for the younger groups.

Principal Kerley added their goal is that these traits carry over not only into the classroom but also onto the field in athletics.

“I always try to remove myself from any sort of opinion and just point people towards absolute truth, and when I read scripture, I read that Christ came to serve, not to be served,” said Kerley. “And that’s the kind of attitude we want to have with our kids. In order to do that you’ve got to have great leaders, but you have to have servant leaders. And so, they have to understand, every day when we wake up, how can we make somebody else’s life easier, how many people can we make smile and encourage and just model that behavior to everybody else.”

Overall, principal Kerley said they hope when their students walk out of their school, they are equipped to go out and share the love of Christ with others.