UPDATE: Escambia County deputy injured in shooting released from hospital


UPDATE (10:00 p.m.) — Sheriff David Morgan says he was pleasantly surprised to see the progress his deputy made being released from the hospital less than 24 hours after he was shot four times.

“I’m amazed he’s out. I’m telling you.. I mean the one that entered his chest. It actually didn’t penetrate the lungs..it nicked the lungs,” Sheriff Morgan said.

Sheriff Morgan says his men and women put their lives in danger every day to protect and serve the people of Escambia County. He says about 75 percent of those shot and injured on the job will within the first few years mostly from emotional trauma.

“We try to work with our officers and their families as best we can to get them the help they need to get them fit for duty and returned to duty but I can tell you being a life-threatening and changing situation like that it’ll be a very long time before you recover from that,” he said.

UPDATE (4:30 p.m.) — The Escambia County deputy injured in a shootout Wednesday has been released from Sacred Heart Hospital, according to the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office.

UPDATE 12/12/2019 (3:00 p.m.) — The wife of Daniel Huxx, Crystal Hux, who is still married to Daniel, was seen in court Thursday on her violation of an injunction charge. Her bond was set at $100. She was ordered to have no contact with Daniel.

UPDATE 12/12/2019 (9:37 a.m.) — According to a police report obtained by WKRG News 5, suspect Daniel Hux told 911 dispatchers that someone was trying to kidnap his son from Pensacola Christian Academy. Later in the call, Hux told dispatchers that he needed to be taken to a hospital to get medicated. Then, he told dispatchers he was feeling suicidal, according to the police report. He asked for an ambulance, saying although he was suicidal, but wasn’t feeling violent and didn’t have any weapons. Sheriff David Morgan said Wednesday that Hux “ambushed” first responders.

The police report goes on to say that another deputy jumped into action to help save the injured deputy’s life, trying to move him to safety. The report says Hux then began firing on the other deputies as they tried to help the injured deputy.

UPDATE (6:30 a.m.) — According to Florida State Attorney Bill Eddins, Hux has been charged with attempted murder. The homicide charge is a glitch in the system.

UPDATE (6:25 a.m.) — According to the Escambia County jail log, Daniel Hux has been charged with homicide.

UPDATE 11:00 PM: The suspect who got into a shootout with deputies Wednesday afternoon, Daniel Hux, has been booked into the Escambia County jail. He is charged with attempted murder. His picture is not available at this time. He was shot in the gunfire and hospitalized before being booked into jail.

ESCAMBIA COUNTY, Fla. (WKRG) — An Escambia County Deputy has been shot in the line of duty. ECSO says they received a call of a suicide threat in the 400 block of Limerick Lane around 1:37 Wednesday afternoon.

The sheriff’s office says Daniel Hux, 41, called for help, complaining of domestic issues with his spouse. He then said he needed an ambulance for the hospital.

Deputies say once they got on the scene, they found Hux on the carport where he opened fire on deputies. One of the deputies was hit by the gunfire and taken to a local hospital. The sheriff’s office says the deputy was shot multiple times, but is expected to be okay.


The sheriff’s office says after Hux was shot, he walked around the inside of the home before he eventually self surrendered. He was transported to the hospital where he in surgery and expected to survive. The sheriff’s office says Hux was struck at least 4 times.

The sheriff’s office says they have been called to Hux’s home 16 times since April of this year.

Video below shows the scene where the deputy was shot.

Victoria Mackall, the woman who sent the video, says she heard the gunshots from inside her home, firing off several times at first. She says there was a pause and more gunfire after. She said she looked outside to see what was going on, but law enforcement, jumping over the fence with gun in hand, told them to get back inside. She says that’s when she started filming when law enforcement started swarming the area.

Mackall says, according to her mother-in-law a woman, her husband and a small child live in the home where the shooting occurred.

Watch the full interview with Victoria and how she recounts the moments when the deputy was shot and what happened afterward.

This is the third Escambia County deputy to be shot in less than a week. Two others were shot Friday responding to the mass shooting at NAS Pensacola. They were released from the hospital earlier this week.

News 5 has multiple crews on the way and will keep you updated.


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