Boat crashes on jetties in Perdido Pass

stephen craig hallum mug_1528924846321.jpg-842137442.jpg

A trip to the beach and something George Armstrong and his son didn’t expect to see.  “We didn’t know if it was a tourist attraction or someone had actually had an accident.”

An accident of sorts, Orange Beach police say 47-year-old Stephen Hallum was at the helm when he was aiming for the channel into Perdido Pass around 2 o’clock in the morning and missed.

“Didn’t realize where they was at and tried to cross right there is the first thing I thought,” said Ricky Morris, who was enjoying the day at the beach.

Hallum told authorities he had anchored up but the anchor broke free and that’s how he ended up on the rocks.  Police say alcohol was involved and locked him up for public intoxication.

“Obviously probably had too many bottles because you’ve got the lights that indicate the channel is and for some reason he’s at least 150 feet from it,” said tourist and avid boater Brad Noel from Ohio.

After almost 12 hours of rocking back and forth on the jetties, a towboat arrived to start the process of removing the boat.  “That’s a shame for a nice boat like that to wreck it like that,” added Noel.

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