Black Men unite for ‘More than a March’ movement in Birmingham


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Sunday, Black men in the Birmingham Metro area united on behalf of the “More than a March” movement launched to empower each other while working to progress the community at Kelly Ingram Park in downtown Birmingham.

Standing in solidarity dozens of black men walked from the historic steps of Sixteenth Street Baptist Church to Kelly Ingram Park. The “More than a March” movement brought them all together in hopes of shedding a positive light on African American men in the area working to uplift and empower each other.

“Everything that’s going on in the world with the climate and the social injustice and just what’s going on in the community. We as black men decided enough is enough we can no longer stand on the side lines. It’s time for us to stand up and take action,” Terry Mills, the march organizer, said.

Mills said today’s demonstration represents a day of unity, love, and support. Men of all ages walked side by side marching for a purpose calling for change for injustices Mills says Black men sometimes are faced with. Most of the men wore suits organizers says it’s something that showcases themselves in a different light.

“We decided to wear suits because we wanted to change the narrative and image that has been portrayed. We are often judged by our hair and our clothes, which isn’t fair, but since that is what’s going on; we decided let’s come out here in our Sunday Best,” Mills said.

Through this movement, members say continuing to educate African American men on the importance of investing in the black community while helping to uplift those in need is vital.

“We can control our ecosystem if we are moving together, if we are all shopping together, if we are all working together economically, then not only are we benefitting the individuals we are working with, but we are benefitting the community as a whole,” Justin Williams, attendee, said.                   

Sunday’s program did not only leave an impact on the men there, it also served as an inspiration for young black boys who say they hope to serve as leaders within the community themselves one day.             

 “After seeing all this it just makes me proud to be a black person in this community, seeing how we can all come together and be like this it makes me happy,” Morgan Barnes, attendee, said. 


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