Birmingham probation office moves to Hoover


BIRMINGHAM, Ala., (WIAT) — The Birmingham probations field office has moved to the Shelby County side of Hoover, making it tougher for defendants to reach the office.

A notice near the building explains that the building has moved to Hoover, and that the phone number is not currently working.

“This is a hardship that we wouldn’t expect our local government to put upon us,” says Attorney Victor Revill with Revill Law Firm. He says its a bigger issue because part of the terms of probation is to report to the probation office. But if they can’t report, then a warrant will likely be issued which can lead to jail time or loss of employment.

Revill says, “This is a flaw that has been put in the system that is setting these people up for failure. It’s unfair and its unjust.”

Jefferson County has more people who are on probation or parole than in Shelby County and the move to put the services further away even has Jefferson County District Attorney Danny Carr perplexed, who says he was unaware of the move and it will affect the court system indirectly.

“More people now have to come back to court and explain to a judge why they’re not complying and how they can’t get to their probation officer,” says Carr.

The Alabama Board of Pardons and Parole have yet to return our calls.

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