Birmingham approves $23 million dollar investment toward Palisades

July 04 2021 12:00 am

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin announced Tuesday the city council approved a $23 million dollar investment towards the Palisades, an area with a shopping center and other retailers.

Woodfin says the investment will create new jobs, stores and a Ford dealership.

“Which will create new jobs and in addition to that, it will provide new retail opportunities,” Woodfin said.

Woodfin isn’t the only one excited. Businesses like Riveria Fitness Center are also pumped about the news. General Manager Mark Davis says there is plenty of opportunity at the Palisades.

“That area over there where Virginia College was is a sleeping giant in my opinion,” Davis said.

He says the investment into Palisades benefits everyone involved.

“Right now, everybody is ready to go anywhere. So, something new in this area it’s just going to be huge for not only the businesses opening up, but also all of us over here,” Davis said.

“This dealership will also be a southeastern attraction as the only Ford Bronco showroom in the region,” Woodfin said.

Davis considers all of his members and neighboring businesses family and believes with Tuesday’s news, his family grew.

“Walmart. Their employees are members here. We’re right here. So, we keep it all in-house. And I can’t wait to see what happens right there,” Davis said.

Woodfin also says the investment and project could improve roadways, lights and other issues at the Palisades. Besides the Ford Dealership, it isn’t clear at the moment what other businesses will come, but Mayor Woodfin believes the project could be done by 2023.

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