Birmingham residents beat the heat in different ways


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Much of Alabama is under an excessive heat advisory as temperatures have been hovering into the 100s. That heat advisory will remain in place until 9 p.m. Tuesday, increasing the risk for heat exhaustion and heatstroke.

The humidity across the state increases the chances of heat-related illnesses, and residents are getting creative or spending a bit more to stay cool.

“I go to the pool. That’s pretty much it,” said Johnathan Byrd. “Well, I stay inside where there’s air conditioning… something needs to be done about that because the bill is getting out of control.”

Others are making sure a cold drink is never far.

“Yeah, just dealing with it. Staying hydrated. Lots and lots of water,” said Ivory Sirmans.

We spoke with one man who says he’s looking to the heavens to keep cool.

“It’s God,” said Raymont Baugh when asked how he’s staying hydrated. “That’s it because with him, all things are possible.”

Heat exhaustion is a serious concern with temperatures this high and it is important to know when to take a break.

“Any time you are not feeling like yourself; headaches, feeling weak or fatigued unusually, get inside. It’s not worth being overheated in this heat. So stay hydrated,” said Cherie Reed, a nurse practitioner at Kirkland Clinic.

Heatstroke is an emergency and if you experience symptoms, call 911.

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