Birmingham police investigate series of shootings this week


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Gregory Snodgress says his son, Gregory Snodgress Jr, known to many as Peazy, had a smile that could brighten anyone’s day.

“He kept his teeth white. He did more brushing of his teeth than anyone today,” said Snogress Sr.

The last time Snodgress saw his son’s grin was Friday. Sunday morning, Birmingham police say Michael Demond Daniels shot and killed two people. One was Octavia Dortch and the other was Peazy.

Snodgress Sr. said, “That’s my mother’s only grandson. The last name Snodgress was my dad’s name. Since I’m my mother’s only son, she didn’t have any more children. Now she can’t have anymore grandchildren or great-grandchildren.”

The shootings of Peazy Snodgress and Octavia Dortch kicked off a bloody week here in Birmingham. Wednesday, Birmingham police tell CBS 42 they responded to four different shootings. Then, Thursday just before noon, Birmingham police CBS 42 they responded to another shooting, this one near the corner of 23rd Street and 9th Avenue South, where a man was found lying dead in the street.

Sgt. Johnny Williams of the Birmingham Police explained, “We are taking a much stronger approach towards these cases. We’re after these suspects and we’re gonna remain on these cases until we get a resolution.”

Snodgress Sr. says he is worried about how his son’s death will impact his mother.  

Snodgress Sr. said, “She’s in her 90’s and spent two months in the hospital after suffering an aneurysm. That’s when they all became [the] closest. When we think we’re gonna lose my mother, that’s when we lost my son”

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