Birmingham police addressing crime concerns on National Night Out

July 04 2021 12:00 am

Officers at Birmingham Police East Precinct visited neighborhoods in their area Tuesday night for National Night Out. Patrol crime prevention officer, Truman Fitzgerald, stopped by several neighborhood association and block watch events in Roebuck and Huffman to talk with community members.

Many people in the community say crime is a major concern. Officer Fitzgerald says the department’s relationship with the community is important for cutting back on crime.

“The biggest thing is just we have to have a relationship with each other. There’s no way that we can exists and solve the City of Birmingham’s crime issues if we don’t work together.” said Fitzgerald.

Officer Fitzgerald also says the department is increasing the numbers of officers that respond to incidents as well.

“These hot calls, as we call them, that are going out and officers are responding to them. There’s not just one officer, there’s not just two officers, there’s three or four. So we’re really trying our best to flood the streets with just more officer presence. And really just you know hit these streets hard to try to prevent the crimes.” said Fitzgerald.

Birmingham PD stopped in Vaughn Circle, Dalton-Price, Pinebrook Lane, Zion City, and North Roebuck on Westwood drive. 

Chuck Hines is part of the North Roebuck neighborhood association. He says it was important for his community to come together and maintain relationships with police following a recent deadly shooting, and several instances of late night gun shots in the neighborhood. 

“We had a death on this street and we take it very seriously. We’re so sorry for her family. What happened down here. And we’re going to make sure that this doesn’t happen in our community again.” said Hines.

Hines was referring to the drive-by shooting death of 16-year-old Wenonah High School student, Arrielle Lashawn Parker-Jeffries. Hines says he hopes the community will continue to work with police to make the area safer.

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