BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — On Wednesday, Birmingham police released a statement warning people about a flyer circulating social media.

According to the flyer titled, “Bham City Walk Takeover Part 2”, People are encouraged to come to City Walk Aug. 19 at 3:00 p.m. to fight and conduct public interviews.

“You’re wasting your time if you think you’re going to come to City Walk or Railroad Park and promote a flyer like that,” said officer Truman Fitzgerald with Birmingham Police Department.

BPD is warning people about the flyer, asking parents not to drop their kids off at City Walk or Railroad Park unsupervised.

“We’re going to have officers out there. We have a great partnership with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. We just encourage everyone to be proactive,” said Fitzgerald.

While walking around City Walk, CBS 42 spoke to some people who say they’ve seen the flyer before, while others were shocked to find out.

“I feel like this act shouldn’t be going on. Go fishing or something, go hiking. You know what I’m saying. Doing all this negativity, think positive.” said Cam Gaines, a Birmingham resident.

With City Walk being a family and business-oriented space, several businesses nearby like Eugene’s Hot Chicken say they’re keeping an eye out for it.

“I think I’ve seen that flyer three weeks in a row. I want to see City Walk open. You know I want to see people down here, the young people down here. Just when you come down here just be respectful.” said Zebby Carney, the owner and CEO of Eugene’s Hot Chicken.

Although it’s hard to tell if the flyer is intended to be a joke or stir attention, BPD said they’re taking the necessary precautions just in case.

“Whatever their motives were behind it. We have our own motives on how we’re going to handle it and we’re not going to handle that any way but the way we’re doing it and that is pumping as many resources as we can to make sure City Walk is safe for everyone.”