BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — With temperatures expected to take a dive throughout central Alabama over the weekend, the city of Birmingham is working to help keep its homeless population warm.

From Friday to Sunday, a temporary warming station will open from 5 p.m. to 8 a.m. at the Greater Birmingham YMCA, where free food will also be offered. The city is now working in partnership with One Roof Birmingham to expand its resources. Now, the warming stations are only opened when the temperature reaches a certain level.

“There are talks right now we are hoping for a permeant site for the warming station. The city spends a lot of energy in trying to find places every year. And trying to find a designated place for the warming station every year,” said Andrea Gates, community engagement coordinator for One Roof Birmingham.

Gates encourages the public to donate to the city and other area shelters, including The Fire House and First Light Pathways.

Donations are also being accepted for travel-sized hygiene products. This helps when outreach team are interacting with people on the streets.

The Birmingham Humane Society is also encouraging people to keep their pets inside when the temperatures drop. If you can’t bring them inside, you should use straw for wherever you keep them instead of blankets. Workers at the BHS say colder temperatures affect how people drop off their pets at the shelter.

“There are times where the weather is going to be really poor really bad weather is coming in it makes people start thinking about where they are at in their own lives,” said Ivana Sullivan, chief Program Officer of Birmingham Humane Society. “Maybe they had been thinking of getting a new home for their pet and now when the weather’s coming in they are like you know what this is the time we need to do it.”

Sullivan said animals can get hypothermia since the pads of their feet don’t have fur on them, so pet owners should be cautious with their animals in cold weather.