BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – The sports scene in the greater Birmingham area is booming right now. The Regions Tradition and the USFL are both underway and The World Games is right around the corner.

City leaders said it’s facilities, like Protective Stadium, that help make this area so attractive for big sporting events.

“This is excellent, this is a jewel for our city and for our community,” Mayor Randall Woodfin said.

2022 has been huge for sports in the Magic City.

The USFL, Indy car and Talladega, The Regions Tradition, The World Games, these are just a few on the long list of big events happening in the greater Birmingham area.

“That resume keeps getting bigger and better and as a result as a community we can go after for more and more and frankly more prestigious events like The World Games,” Gene Hallman said.

Bruno Event Team CEO Gene Hallman said recent upgrades to our facilities make Birmingham a perfect candidate.

“When you look around the landscape we’ve never had so many great sports facilities at the same time that are very competitive with the other cities in the southeastern U.S. So I think it’s our time to go and reach for bigger and better opportunities,” Hallman said.

And people are noticing, even celebrities’ like Charles Barkley.

“We need to make it the best, make it a first-class city. I’m glad to see the growth and I’m excited,” Barkley said.

Not only is this great for fans, it also means a boost in the local economy

“That impact helps the part of the economy that got impacted the most from the pandemic, the retail sector. So sporting events and being a great host is economic. When our events are shown on national tv, it’s great to get our communities name out there on the national spotlight,” Hallman said.

A spotlight that is shinning bright on the Magic City.

In addition to all the greater Birmingham area has going on, next year, March Madness will be held here. There is also talk of adding rugby to the list in the future as well. The final decision on the bid to host the Rugby World Cup is expected Thursday.