BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Yo Mama’s Restaurant is expanding and moving to a new location thanks to the help of the Birmingham City Council.

The council voted on the measure Tuesday. In a unanimous vote, the council approved using $1.7 million in ARPA funding to update and relocate Yo Mama’s restaurant.

The new restaurant facility will be located on 4th Avenue North in what is now the Deck 3 parking deck, which was part of a previous project that never came to fruition.

“With Yo Mama’s as a tenant to build out that space so that it can accommodate some businesses, it’s a big accomplishment that we’re able to get this project moving forward,” Darrell O’Quinn, Birmingham City Councilor, said.

City leaders feel this project will help make better use of the space and allow for future growth in this part of downtown.

Cornell Wesley is the Director of the Office of Innovation and Economic Opportunity. He said with this investment, Yo Mama’s will grow from three employees to about 30.

“The foundational reason is to make certain that we have an asset that is ready for use. So if Yo Mama’s continues to grow at the rate they are growing and happen to exit this space, we have a ready asset that we can market in the future,” Wesley said. “So again, in partnership with the Birmingham parking authority, we are going to be intentional in how we charge and challenge economic development in our downtown area.”

City leaders said Yo Mama’s is the perfect fit for this project and will help develop downtown in the future. The restaurant has been running for nine years.