Birmingham attorney purchases legendary black radio station

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – A prominent Alabama attorney recently purchased the legendary black radio station 900 Gold WATV.

WATV was known for several radio pioneers like “Tall Paul” and Shelly Stewart. The station also featured gospel icons like Reverend, Dr. Erskine Faush, Sr. and Pat Williams.

Courtney French has purchased the radio broadcast property from MCL/MCM Alabama, LLC. He says he is looking forward to building on the legacy of the station.

“I want WATV to continue to provide great music and valuable information to our community,” French said. “I humbly stand on the shoulders of many foot soldiers and civil rights activists who paved the way for me, so that a child from West End could one day be the owner of a radio station such as this and I firmly believe – the best is yet to come.”

French is no stranger to the station. He lived near the location growing up and has known former radio announcer Shelly Stewart his whole life. Stewart is looking forward to local ownership of the station being restored.

“I have so much joy in my heart,” Stewart said. “Go, Courtney French! The baton has now been passed on and it comes with great humility and responsibility.”

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