ALABAMA (WIAT) — A bill making its way through the Alabama State House would put a cap on how much high school athletic coaches could make. It is generating a lot of discussion both in support and against.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Craig Ford, D- Gadsden, would cap the total compensation for a high school athletic coach to 75% of the total annual salary of the principal of the school. The only exception is if the coach is also a teacher.

Right now, multiple coaches are making upwards of $100,000. Some even making more than $120,000.

“Putting the cart before the horse and we want to make sure we put money into public education and athletics is important, but it is also secondary to the curriculum and teaching children,” said Rep. Craig Ford.

“He’s mentoring these kids, he’s spending all this time and effort into them,” said Fredrick Foster. “He should definitely be making more than the bare minimum. I mean, you take a step up from that to college and they are making bookoo money.”

The bill still needs to go before an education committee before it can be voted on in the house and senate.