Big Brothers Big Sisters: Nathaniel


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — In this morning’s Eye on Big Brothers Big Sisters, a special program is matching students at a Birmingham High School with staff members at UAB. CBS 42 took a look at the workplace mentoring program that is helping youngsters focus on their futures.

Fifteen-year-old Nathaniel and his big brother Roland Harris are in a special big brothers big sisters partnership with the University of Alabama at Birmingham. 

Ronald Harris said, “Those kinds of programs, activities help these kids to see, in a sense, what real life is about and what decisions you are going to have to make and how those decisions impact you.”

The workplace mentoring program they are participating in include activities such as resume writing, practice interviews and discussions about money management. 

Nathaniel told us how this program is making a difference for him. 

Nathaniel said, “[Harris] can help you through life. He can help you through life and give you the right choices.”

Nathaniel and Harris have spent the past three years together. 

Harris sees his role as a mentor to young men who look like him as an important aspect of strengthening the community. 

Harris said, “It’s good to see that most of the time you have opportunities to be around other people that come from similar backgrounds and give them the opportunity and the hope that with the right choices and hard work that you can make it and be successful as well.”

Harris pointed out the growth he’s seen Nathaniel,”He’s become a lot more comfortable. He used to be a bit nervous in crowds.”

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