Big Brother Big Sister: Caden


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Seven-year-old Caden met with CBS 42 Anchor Art Franklin earlier this year. It did not take long to find out why Caden is a special young man.

Caden said, “I want to be a major league baseball player when I grow up. Also and when I retire I am going to be either a firefighter or an astronaut. 

Franklin said, “You’ve got this thing thought out? Baseball player first, then retire. Because you will still be young right?”
 Caden replied, “I’ll be like 24 when I retire.”
Caden has a ways to go before retirement. It was just last March when he was focused on finding a big brother.

Caden said, “I’m about to have a baby brother and I’m real excited for that. I also want a bigger brother so it can be three of us having a good time.”

 His wish came true, but not how he imagined. A Big Brother named Rob shares Caden with his wife Lori. Together, they’re part of a Big Brother Big Sister program called Big Couple, giving couples a chance to mentor together. For Caden, this program is working out quite well.

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