Bibb County mom fights off home intruder with a pipe


WEST BLOCTON, Ala. (WIAT) — “I hope he learned his lesson and that you never know who’s going to be the one that does you in,” said Kayla Tamburello, a wife and mother of two who fought off a man who tried to rob her home.

Tamburello stands at about 4 feet 11 inches and maybe 100 pounds. A man with an ulterior motive approached her home Tuesday and made small talk about cutting her grass.

“So I opened the door, and probably not even this far where you could see my face and he was standing here,” she said.

The man repeatedly offered estimates and quotes about cutting her grass and possible tree removal, “and I declined, I told him that we had a lawn mower and that we had just been slacking.”But that wasn’t good enough for the man; after bidding farewell he turned around and made his move as Tamburello began to shut the front door.

“It was almost shut, he put all of his body weight into it, I pushed back and that’s when he came full force in with both hands and push the door all the way open and I fell on my back in the doorway,” she explained.

But what the intruder didn’t was expect a big fight out of this small mother.

Inside her living room it was all out commotion. Tamburello was even more on edge after her home was broken into just four months ago.

“As soon as I set up we had this tool that we use to turn our water off at the meter,” she said, but that’s when this became a fight for life.

“I hit him flat ways the first time in the shoulder area he stumbled back and I hit him with the flat part again, except that time it was right on the side of his face.”

It was at that point the man knew it was a fight he no longer wanted as he crawled out of the front door.

“My dog followed behind him barking and as soon as he got completely out of the door, I just slammed the door and locked it behind him,” Tamburello explained.

All of this happened while thankfully her one year old son Sammy, slept through the entire ordeal.

Tamburello was able to describe the suspect’s vehicle as an older model small S-10 type of truck, gold/brown in color and said that the truck made loud noises like it needed a muffler. She described the man as someone in his mid to late forties, salt and pepper hair, wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt from a motorcycle rally.

The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office were able to obtain several fingerprints are following very good leads in hopes of catching this probably injured intruder.

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