Best exercises for people over 50 years old


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WAIT) — Exercise at any age is important. In this week’s Living Well with Michelle, Michelle Logan takes us inside Gauntlet Fitness to learn workout modifications for people over the age of 50.

David Sheram, co-owner of Gauntlet Fitness, has been teaching traditional martial arts for 47 years. He said strength training as you get older is vital for maintaining joint mobility.

“So for being over 50 years old, I want my joints to be mobile,” said Sheram. “The knees, the ankles, the hips, your core, your shoulder joints. Muscular tone and strength training is very important.”

Pernell Johnson, a member at Gauntlet Fitness, modifies some workout moves to add stability.

“Well, with the lunges I do have some knee pain sometimes,” Johnson said. “So, I take my lunge all the way to the floor.”

Watch the video above as Sheram takes Michelle and Johnson through workout modifications for people of all ages.


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