BESSEMER, Ala. (WIAT) – New information in that deadly quadruple shooting in Bessemer. Police tells us they believe this shooting could be connected to another shooting in the area.

Police believe Thursday’s shooting is retaliation from another shooting. They are working to determine which recent shooting this shooting stems from. Investigators say they are relying on the public’s help for answers.

Community members gathered for prayer vigil Thursday night in Bessemer to remember nearly the nearly 250 lives lost to gun violence.

Meanwhile, a few blocks away, a crime scene where another person died following a quadruple shooting.

“This just adds to the grief of the community, when we have to deal with a tragedy of this sort especially someone so young. It is a true concern for us,” said local pastor Reginald Colvert.

Bessemer Police said a woman was shot and killed and three men where hurt on Berkley Ave..

Police believe the shooting stems from retaliation, something LT. Christian Clemons said is a growing problem in the area.

“When there’s an incident, the other side feels like they have to get back. And I wish that we could just learn to get along really and learn to settle our differences without using violence,” Lt. Clemons said.

Neighbors gathered around watching police clear the scene, most people were hesitant to talk.

“We have a campaign out there, it you see something say something. And a lot of people think of that as being a snitch but when you have information and don’t come forward with that information things tend to snowball and get worse and worse,” Lt. Clemons said.

Bessemer Cutoff District Attorney Lynneice Washington said the violence has to stop.

“Well unfortunately that family will be joining us next year. It’s never a pretty sight. It’s not something that we glamourize but it’s something that’s our reality,” Washington said.

Police are urging you to come forward if you have any information. They said that information could save a life.