BESSEMER, Ala (WIAT) — A family in Bessemer had an unusual Saturday morning when burglar suspects jumped on to their property.

Bessemer police Lieutenant Christian Clemons said they received an alarm call from Bermnco Aluminum. 

The  manager told CBS 42 a security guard saw 3 people on property and called police, and from there, a foot pursuit started and ended, thanks to some neighbors.

Rayoul Pierce knows how to protect his family and his property.

“They were trying to get away. Only place is they picked the wrong place to jump into,” said Pierce. 

Early Saturday morning, police said they caught one suspect trespassing Bermco Alumunium, just blocks away from Pierce’s home.

According to Lt Clemons, when police realized there were several suspects “they set up a perimeter. No particular pursuit occurred, just a game of hide and seek resulted in two more arrests with the help of citizens.” 

Those citizens were Pierce and his dogs.

“They told us there is still another one so I got my dogs and let them out and they found him real quick. I put my gun around him and I said freeze, do not move,” said Pierce. 

He said he kept the suspect down until he could get police back on his property.

“He kept begging me to let him on the trunk of the car to keep dogs from getting him. I told the dogs was the least of his worries. I said that 9 point at his head was what he better be worrying about,” said Pierce. 

Pierce said soon after, police took the last suspect that the dogs caught. He said he would do it again.

“You come into a locked up area with 6 foot high chained-link commercial fence around with barbed wire, you’re not here for good,” said Pierce. 

Police said those suspects haven’t been formerly charged yet since they’re still investigating. but Lt. Clemons said charges are expected to come soon.