Behind the Scenes: Jefferson County Crime Scene Investigation Unit


JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — Across Jefferson County, if a criminal case makes its way to court, odds are, the Crime Scene Investigation Unit played a key role in processing evidence. The team of four meticulously handles over 125 cases a month.

Sgt. Kenneth Holmes said his unit mostly photographs and lifts fingerprints from the scenes they process. But, when a case warrants it, they have the tools to do a lot more.

“We have to know when it’s time to take out the big guns,” Holmes said.

Their tool kit includes devices to use a bullet hole to learn from what direction the bullet was shot. They have tools to turn back the clock and show if a suspect attempted to cover up a crime scene.

The crime scene investigation unit has used these tools on multiple occasions to solve crimes.

“The evidence can make or break a case for anything and everything,” Dep. Tiffany Dial said. “Whether it’s a simple as a car break-in. It’s something major to that victim. We still have to treat that with the same respect as a homicide.”

Jefferson County’s evidence technicians also testify in court, explaining their findings to prove a case. The team works endless hours, with someone on call at all times. Their motto is ‘every scene, every time’ meaning no matter how big or small the crime, these four evidence technicians give it their all.

“I want to try to get justice for the victims,” Holmes said. “Most of the time they can’t speak. They don’t know who broke into their house. They don’t know who raped them. Who assaulted them, but every suspect leaves something at every scene.”


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