Baton Rouge PD urge homeless not to sleep outdoors after 3 killings; suspect arrested


Courtesy: CNN

BATON ROUGE, LA – (CNN & WIAT) Stay in Shelters! That is what the Police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana are urging homeless people to do.

Baton Rouge Police say they believe the recent killings of three homeless people are connected and they are on the hunt to find the killer or killers.

According to officials, three victims were shot to death outdoors near downtown Baton Rouge last month. Authorities say two were killed in the same place on December 13th, and the third on Friday. And all 3 shootings are not that far from each other.

Authorities say they now have a suspect in custody in connection to the deadly shootings. As of right now, they do not know the motive of the shootings but evidence has to lead them to get a search warrant which linked the suspect to the crimes. Evidence from the home and incriminating statements from the suspect tied him to the crimes as well.

Baton Rouge Police say Jeremy Anderson has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder and one count of Second-degree murder. He has been booked at the East Parrish Baton Rouge jail according to the Baton Rouge Police Chief.

Authorities say the first two bodies were found on the afternoon of December 13 on South 16th Street, near an overpass east of downtown.

53-year-old Christina Fowler, and 40-year-old Gregory Corcoran, were found lying on the ground, dead from gunshot wounds, according to Police.

Then two weeks later on Friday morning, someone called police to say they saw someone lying along North 18th Street. Police arrived and found the body of 50- year-old Tony Williams who had been shot and killed. Wiliams body was found on the porch of a vacant house.

Authorities say the scene of the third body being found was just two blocks from the location of the first two victims.


Police say they have arrested only one suspect at this time.

There is no evidence of any other suspects at this time. But they are still urging the homeless to be mindful of their surroundings and safety but there is no immediate threat to the public at this time.

This is an ongoing investigation.

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