Ballantrae residents targeted in Tuesday raid claim no contact with fugitive daughter


PELHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — A Georgia fugitive accused of running away with her infant son two years ago has the support of her family, according to relatives.

Earlier this week, U.S. Marshals raided a home in Pelham that belongs to fugitive Chelsea Cullen’s parents. Agents are trying to determine if they have had any contact with their daughter.

Cullen is wanted in Georgia for a felony custody interference charge. She has claimed she was trying to escape an abusive relationship with her son’s father.

Tommy Spina, Cullen’s mother’s attorney, tells CBS 42 News that his client supports her daughter’s decision, but she has no idea where her daughter could be.

“Her daughter’s made a decision to do what she’s doing and that remove herself and their child from this harm that she perceives would come upon her and the child,” Spina said. “So, my client supports her daughter’s decision. As far as assisting in her absconding, for lack of a better word, I believe that there’s no evidence to support that.”

Spina has stated that Cullen’s family has not spoken with her since the warrant was issued against her last year.

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