Australian government uses helicopters to drop food to animals affected by bushfires


NEW SOUTH WALES, Australia (CNN NEWSOURCE) — Australia’s prime minister is expressing some regrets over the handling of his country’s wildfire crisis that has claimed more than two dozen lives.

This comes as officials airdrop thousands of pounds of food, like carrots and sweet potatoes, from planes to feed wildlife affected by fires. According to the Daily Mail, the New South Wales government has commenced a program called “Operation Rock Wallaby” through its National Parks and Wildlife Service.

In total, over 4,800 pounds of fresh vegetables, such as carrots and sweet potatoes, have been dumped across the countryside to feed these animals.

PM Scott Morrison is now admitting that there were things he quote “could’ve handled much better” after facing heavy criticism for his initial response.

He said he will propose a national review to study how the government should respond and offer support to those affected by such disasters in the future.


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