Ashley’s Mom Monday: Keeping kids safe online and maintaining accountability


(WIAT) — With the ever-changing landscape of technology as parents, we sometimes feel lost or out of touch.

Instead of approaching our children about what they’re looking at on their devices, we tend to withdraw or only answer questions if we are asked. This important crossroads of communication is where Tray and Melody of the Undone Redone ministry say it’s about being intentional

It’s important to always keep your children in the conversation about what they’re watching, what apps they’re downloading, and what things they are learning. Not only does this help us as parents, but it also engages the children and shows them that we, as their parents, do care.

Oftentimes, we rush to create hard and fast lines in the sand. We want to make strict passwords. We want to set extreme rules. However, it may be better to give your children some freedom but set expectations.

Apps and devices like Circle With Disney ($99 on Amazon), allow for families to set bedtimes for their devices. This device isn’t just an on-off switch for the Internet, but a unique tool that allows parents to set up a profile for each member of the family. It has a timer for each app that the family uses, and it can cross over multiple devices. So, for example, if your child is on Facebook and the limit is set to one hour, it’s one hour on that app whether they are on their iPhone or on their tablet.

There are other apps that help monitor where your child is been on the Internet and what apps they have downloaded. Apps like these help parents with accountability.

While accountability is an important factor, it is equally important that children feel like their family is their safe place. Melody says some of the best conversations they’ve had as a family have been in the kitchen and she doesn’t mind being the “bad guy” in an uncomfortable situation.

For example, if her children are at a neighbors house and they begin to watch a movie that the children may not think is right, Melody always says that they can call her and she will be the heavy if they want to come home.

For more information head over to and click on my secure family for more apps and tools to help keep your family safe in this world that is changing very quickly regarding technology.

Also, Mark your calendar to hear Trey and Melody speak at Shades Mountain Baptist Church this Sunday evening.

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