As trees start to bloom, pollen can cause allergy problems


ROANOKE (WSLS10) – Doctors say it’s time to prepare for spring, and the seasonal allergies that come along with it. Allergy Specialist Dr. Aneysa Sane, who works at Carilion, told us about 30% of all people suffer from allergies.

As the trees start to bloom, tree pollen can cause problems such as an itchy, runny nose and congestion.

“It’s just very, very bothersome,” said Sane. “Some wake up with their mouth dry; because their nose is so stuffed up they have to breathe through their mouth while they’re asleep. So, it seems minor, but it can be very life altering.”

Sane further said this is typically a problem that starts in March and lasts until mid-June.

Over the counter medications are available, but if that doesn’t help it’s best to see a doctor.

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