As COVID-19 cases rise in state, experts and fans urging everyone to continue distancing


HOOVER, Ala. (WIAT) — Record COVID-19 cases have experts urging people to wear masks and social distance, especially at events like high school football games.

Most fans at Fridays Oak Mountain vs Hoover High School playoff game say they feel comfortable still attending games with the current protocols in place.

Shewanna Brown says even with the recent rise in cases, she is happy to see the season make it to the second round so she can watch her son, Christian, play the sport he loves.

“To be able to make it all the way to the second round of the playoffs with no games canceled or delayed because of that(COVID), I think it’s a big deal,” Brown said.

She says she only goes to the games with her family, they socially distance, and they wear masks throughout the game.

“I’ve got my sanitizer. So, I always keep a tube of Clorox wipes with me. So, I’m going to Clorox my area,” Brown said.

Brown says stadiums like the Hoover Met have done a great job when it comes to following the protocols in place.

“You can socially distance. You can sit with just your family. So, it has been awesome And it makes you feel at ease when you know your school has taken the necessary steps and they won’t allow you to sit in these stands without a mask on,” Brown said.

Though Brown and other fans feel safe, experts are urging people to still be cautious, especially with the holiday season approaching.

“Now is the time we all need to hunker back down. Wear the masks, sociallly distance. Limit your activity with other individuals for sure and not have large gatherings,” Dr. Celeste Reese Willis stated.

Brown encourages everyone to do the same as she wants to see her son’s senior season continue.

“I want everyone safe and I hope everyone does their part by wearing your masks and socially distance and things like that,” Brown said.

Brown credits her son and the entire football program for following the guidelines well so far and she hopes it stays that way.


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