MONTEVALLO, Ala. (CBS42 Community) – On Friday, November 10th, the American Village will host a special salute to honor and recognize veterans and families living in Alabama.

“Alabama Governor Kay Ivey is our special guest. We open at 10 am. At 10:15 we have a special service of remembrance and thanks to veterans of WW2 and their families in the Colonial Chapel. At 11 o’clock, Governor Ivey will address veterans in front of the National Veterans Shrine. Everyone is invited. We encourage veterans, active members of the military, guard units, their family members, and the public to all join us to say thank you and honor and salute our veterans,” Melanie Poole said.

Help celebrate those who served America. The program is free to everyone, and lunch will be provided.

“We owe our veterans a debt we cannot pay. They were willing to sacrifice themselves for us and for our liberty. They took the oath of enlistment. They pledged their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor for us and for our way of life. And we owe them not only our thanks but to remember them and tell their stories,” said Poole.

At the American Village, heroism and sacrifices are honored every day at the Veterans Shrine.

“This building is dedicated to all the men and women in every generation from the American Revolution to the present day who have served our country. In addition to this physical building, we have a website and database,, where you can go online and register a veteran in your life. Upload pictures with captions, videos, and help us tell their stories. We have over 400,000 veterans in Alabama alone, and we want every one of them to be registered in the Veterans Register of Honor. It’s entirely free. Just go online to that website, and help us say thank you to Alabama’s and America’s veterans.

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