MONTEVALLO, Ala. (WIAT) — From musket lessons with the Continental Army to meetings of the mind with George Washington himself, the American Village brought history to life to celebrate Presidents Day.

On Monday, around 500 visitors of all ages came to the village to attend George Washington’s 292nd “birthday party” — their latest project to make American history fun and immersive for the whole family.

“Our founders made great sacrifices for us and for our liberties, and I think it’s important for every generation to familiarize themselves with what it means to truly be an American,” said Melanie Poole, communications officer for American Village.

The first president even made a special guest appearance.

“It was very nice. John Adams did my introduction and a toast to me which is unheard of,” Washington joked.

Dozens of families from all over the state joined in the educational fun, including the Morrow family from Jasper who marched with the Continental Army.

“It was really loud, I covered my ears,” said Sarah Beth Morrow.

“There was smoke everywhere, and it smelled horrible,” said Ella Rose Morrow.

“I got some gunpowder in my mouth,” said Alyssa Finn Morrow.

Other than the fun, for them and the many others that attended, it was important to recognize the presidents of past and present and to keep the country’s storied history alive for the next generation.

“When you come here, it’s really like you’re in the moment the way it was back then… It’s like you’re stepping back into history,” Mary Marrow said.