‘All Lives Matter’ rally draws thousands


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) —  At every corner you turned on Saturday morning, there were feet walking and voices chanting “all lives matter,” through downtown Birmingham, where more than 50 years ago a different movement marched as well.

“I think it’s not only the start but the continuation of what Martin Luther King [Jr.] did back in the 1960’s, remembering that legacy,” said Dan Truckenmiller, who was from Kansas City, Missouri.

“I think this is a way that God is restoring and healing the city of Birmingham, so we can be everything that He has called us to be, so that we can unify regardless of race,” said Corey Davis, a minister at Guiding Light Church of Birmingham.

People danced through the streets of Birmingham to the sound of African drum beats, while conversations between total strangers were being had about the these United States and whose life mattered most.

“Once you come to understand what all lives matter means, means I’m included as well, my life matters as well as a black woman, and so does yours, but all of our lives matter,” explained Portia Williams, a member of Guiding Light Church.

But according to some, the phrase ‘all lives matter’ discredits the concerns of those in the African-American community, hence the ‘black lives matter’ movement. If ‘all lives matter’ was in the dictionary in 2015, Kimberly Jackson, a Birmingham resident, said it would a simple definition, “to me that pretty much means, one God, one love, all lives matter, regardless of race, regardless of what type of religion you say you have,” she said.

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