BREMEN, Ga. (WIAT) – $660 million is up for grabs for the Mega Millions jackpot. It’s the third largest in the game’s history. Some Alabamians spent the day Friday crossing state lines to try their luck.

“We need [the lottery] in Alabama,” Troy Anderson from Lincoln said.

Anderson drove 40 minutes to test his luck, choosing his numbers wisely. He says an Alabama lottery system would benefit the state’s revenue.

“We need to get the lottery in Alabama so we don’t have to bring all of this money to Georgia,” Anderson said.

Nikki Wright from Lithonia, Ga. said she is willing to make the trek to Alabama if the lottery became reality in the Yellowhammer state one day.

“If you think that you have a chance to win something, I’d drive to California if I thought I could win it,” Wright said. “You’re coming one state over? What’s wrong with that?”

The chances of Alabama ever getting a lottery depends on who you ask in the legislature. Sen. Greg Albritton (R-Atmore) said he plans to bring lottery and gambling legislation to session next March.

“I’m doing all that I know to do,” Albritton said. “I’m trying to work with house members and trying to reach out to the governor’s office.”

Gov. Kay Ivey said earlier this year her biggest regret was that lawmakers didn’t pass a gambling bill, which would have allowed voters to have a voice in the decision. CBS 42 Political Analyst Steve Flowers said it’s possible this session.

“The first year of a four-year term is when things like this are addressed,” Flowers said. “That’s what makes it more likely that this will be the year.”

If the lottery does come to the state, it could make it easier for Alabamians to get rich quick.

“I would try to help others, you know? Try to bless others,” Anderson said. “That’s what I would do with it.”