Alabamians react to Israel, Hamas cease-fire agreement

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December 25 2021 12:00 am

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Cheers and whistles rang out across Gaza City as many people celebrated the cease-fire agreement after an 11 day conflict that left hundreds dead.

President Joe Biden says he has spoken with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu six times since the conflict began.

The news of the agreement has many people throughout the world happy that the violence has stopped for the time being. While this is good news, some Alabamians believe this is temporary and won’t create permanent peace.

“Personally, the cease-fire is welcomed, but to me it means nothing,” Danah Dib, who lives in Birmingham, said.

Dib is afraid history could repeat itself after her family’s experience.

“My grandfather said this in 1967, and my father did as well, when they were displaced and became refugees,” Dib said.

The Associated Press reports hundreds have died during the 11 day conflict.

“Mothers, fathers, children, grandparents, are all being killed and kicked out of their homes,” Dib said.

People gathered in Birmingham Sunday to peacefully protest the human rights violations against Palestinians by Israel.

“The world needs to realize that this isn’t a political or controversial issue, it’s a fight for human rights,” Dib said.

“There is growing sympathy for the plight of Palestinians,” Dr. Daniel Levine said.

Dr. Levine is a professor of Political Science and Religious Studies at the University of Alabama. While he is happy to see a cease-fire, he believes it’s temporary.

“Very unlikely that this confrontation would produce some new political opening,” Dr. Levine said.

But he hopes permanent peace will happen between them.

“It can be better by our own work. It could be better,” Dr. Levine said.

Dib believes that to have peace, it will take more than hope.

“The only way I see, is for Palestinians to have access to freely exist and be treated as human beings,” Dib said.

Bill H-R 2590 is currently being discussed in Congress. The bill would provide protection to Palestinians under Israeli military occupation and would ensure United States tax payer funds no longer go toward the Israeli government.

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