Alabama’s truckers on front lines of delivering COVID-19 vaccine


MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — As shipments of the COVID-19 vaccine ramp up throughout the country and here in Alabama, truckers are working hard to make sure those shipments arrive safely to their destinations. 

According to President of the Alabama Trucking Association Mark Coslon, extra tracking and security precautions are being made due to the sensitivity of the Pfizer vaccine and its cold storage. 

“You must be proficient in many different areas.  Securing the load of the truck, not just knowing how to drive it.  So, you’re a highly skilled professional, so the number one thing you wake up to every day is safety,” Colson said. 

Colson says battling the pandemic is nothing new for Alabama’s truckers. 

“At first it was restocking store shelves.  Then it was getting medical goods to crisis centers like New York City and other areas who needed ventilators and other relief goods. Now, it’s distributing the vaccine, Colson said. 

The Alabama Trucking Association represents 114,000 Alabamians working in the industry.  That ranges from drivers to mechanics, logistics and more.  

Colson says the extreme, cold conditions of transporting the Pfizer vaccine makes trucker’s jobs even more important.  

“Crisis or Christmas, truckers deliver the goods for America.  We have withstood everything COVID has thrown at us.  This is not unique for our industry. The network is there. This is just another opportunity to do our job,” Colson said. 

As more vaccines receive approval from the federal government, Colson believes the role of truckers will only grow in getting millions of doses delivered across America.  

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