Alabama woman searching for wedding dress ‘of her dreams’ that went missing


Savannah Raney and her mother on her wedding day in 2018

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — For Savannah Raney, her wedding dress was no ordinary dress.

Not only did Raney tie the knot in the dress, but it also serves as a sweet memory of her late mother, who died following her battle with pancreatic cancer. Now, years after it went missing, Raney is on a quest to find it.

The way Raney puts it, she got got married in “the dress of her dreams.” Leading up to her wedding day back in August 2018, she actually had to purchase the dress twice due to some issues with the first dress shop, but knew she had to wear it. She later found it in another store in Birmingham. 

After getting married, Raney did not think about her dress. Her top priority was caring for her sick mother, who died in June. As she was going through some of her mother’s belongings, Raney started to wonder where her wedding dress was. 

Raney did some investigating and found out her mom had taken her dress to 4 Season Cleaners in Auburn after the wedding ceremony. The cleaners claimed they took the dress to an Auburn thrift store that has since closed its doors. 

Raney has now taken to social media, spreading the word about her search in in the hope that someone might have information on where her beloved dress is.

Check out CBS 42’s interview with Raney Friday morning.


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