Alabama truckers working during COVID-19 pandemic


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Alabama truck drivers are working hard at restocking supplies from our groceries to medical equipment.

Mark Colston, president and CEO of the Alabama Trucking Association, said they are keeping American moving and are doing it in a safe way.

“I think it’s important that people know trucking is an essential business and truckers are on the roads, in good times and bad times and right now it’s more important than ever when store shelves are empty, they have to be restocked. When warehouses are empty, they have to be restocked, so two very important things I think everyone should find some comfort in is trucking is open for business and we’re still doing our job and doing it safely. We have plenty of supplies when it comes to everyday goods, when it comes to water, toilet paper, you don’t have to stock up on those those are being restocked,” Colston said.

Colston said some challenges they have faced are getting expired drivers licenses taken care of, medical cards, weight limits, as well as making sure rest stops are still open for drivers.

“Just like anyone in the supply chain, where medical professionals try to have personal protective equipment, they have hand sanitizer so they can do their job safely, and adherently the truck driver is pretty social distance themselves just from the aspect of the way their job is structured but companies have done a great job adjusting their practices from office environment and on the roads and how they interact with customers when they drop off goods,” he said.

Colston said truckers are the safest drivers on the road and ask for the public to be careful when passing them. He also said that in this coronavirus pandemic, it’s not a bad idea to show your appreciation for all the work they are doing during these tough times.

“If you know a trucker or know someone who knows one or knows their family, thank them. Maybe take them a meal but just the appreciation goes farther than you know because they’re out there doing their job like medical professionals and other professions keeping the country moving,” he said.

Colston said there have been no changes when it comes to drivers crossing state lines. He also said rest stops are still open in Alabama.


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