(WIAT) — The countdown is on to the November 8 general election. When you head to the polls, you may be seeing a new high-tech way to get your ballot.

Instead of waiting in the lines to have a poll worker search for your name and check you in, it may soon be as easy as checking in on an iPad. A poll worker will scan your voter id and have you sign on the iPad after your information pops up.

The iPad system is going to be rolled out in about 30 counties across the state. The exact list should be released in the coming weeks.

Is this opening up more vulnerability to hackers? The secretary of state’s office says no.

“They are isolated in their own environment. So they are connected with each other but they are not connected to the internet,” Secretary of State John Merrill said. “So there’s not a way to violate the trust and confidence at the polling site because they are not open to web exposure.”

The iPads are expected to cut down your time at the polls by 60%. You still get a paper ballot to cast your vote. The iPads will just be used for the check-in process.