ALABAMA (WHNT) — Alabamians are set to start receiving special tax rebates next month.

At the end of November, start looking in your bank account or your mail for tax rebates from the state.

State lawmakers passed a rebate plan in May that calls for $150 rebates for single people and $300 dollars for married couples. The one-time rebates are expected to go to roughly 1.9 million state residents.

“The state had a bit of a surplus. I think part of it was the federal funds they got. I do believe that some revenue also increased over that time, so for whatever reason they had a surplus… In order to help the average taxpayer in Alabama, here’s a little something to hopefully get your holiday started off well,” said Frank Miles, Alabama Department of Revenue spokesperson.

The plan will cost the state some $393 million which comes from a $2.8 billion surplus in the Education Trust Fund. Now, people said they’ll be glad to get the extra cash.

“I’m currently pregnant, I’m about to give birth to my first child, so I would probably use it for hospital bills,” said Olivia Francis, an Alabama resident.

Logan Scott, another Alabama resident said, “I’ll probably throw it straight into some credit card debt.”

Checks are set to begin arriving on November 30. For those who use direct deposit for their tax refunds, the rebates will go to their checking accounts. If there’s no bank account on file, a check will be sent in the mail.

Qualified parties must have filed a state income tax return for 2021 on or before October 17th of last year. People who don’t file a return and those who are considered a dependent for another taxpayer in 2021, are not eligible.