Alabama sees largest spike in COVID-19 cases in one day

Christmas Day
December 25 2021 12:00 am

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — On Wednesday, Alabama recorded the largest spike of coronavirus cases in one single day.

“We had over 800 new cases that were determined as of yesterday and overnight that was the number that was recorded this morning,” Alabama State Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris said.

Harris said many of these cases are not linked to COVID-19 cases that are known to health professionals and this is cause for concern. 

“Right now, here in Montgomery County though for example is we don’t really have an obvious explanation for that we know. About three weeks ago was a holiday weekend and we know health orders had become less stringent. We know a lot of people got out and did things I think right now we are seeing the effects of that,” he said.

Increase in testing is what many say may be causing the rise in COVID-19 numbers. However, professionals say that isn’t the case.

“In the past three weeks or so, the percent of testing positive has actually gone up, so we know that there is just more people out there with disease,” Harris said.

Locally, the Jefferson County Health Department said their ability to offer testing has continued to increase.

“If someone needs to get testing, it’s not due to a limitation and the amount of supplies,” Dr. David Hicks of the Jefferson County Health Department said. “Our partners are telling us they can do even more testing than they are currently doing.”

Hicks added that Legion Field is one of several partners administering COVID-19 tests and that their services can go beyond testing for that particular illness.

“We have something called a full respiratory panel, so they are checking for other viral infections that you can actually have. So if any of those conditions come up positive they can tell you over the phone and they can call in prescriptions for you,” Hicks said.

Hicks said that in the long term, the JCHD will be in need of more personal protective equipment to continue offering their broad range of services to the community.


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