Alabama Republicans and Democrats work to get out the vote in Georgia Senate run-off elections


MONTGOMERY, Ala (WIAT) — As voters head to the polls in Georgia to decide control of the U.S. Senate, republicans and democrats in Alabama are crossing the state line to help get out the vote. 

Both the Alabama Republican and Democratic parties have sent volunteers and workers to Georgia.

It’s a race that could prove razor thin.  Democrats Jon Ossof and Raphael Warnock are trying to unseat Republicans David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler. 

“We have three different groups that have been in Georgia over two weeks knocking on doors.  Several hundred of folks have been going over there,” said Terry Lathan, Chair of the Alabama Republican Party.

Lathan believes the work of Alabama Republicans could be the tipping point in who wins. 

“I think it will be very close, but it will not be because we didn’t work out rear ends off to help out friends in Georgia,” Lathan said.

Getting the help of the peach state and turning out the vote is one thing Lathan’s counterpart at the Alabama Democratic Party, Christopher England agrees with.

“We’ve had many people, good democrats from Alabama go over and assist with canvasing, fundraising, wherever we’re needed,” England said.

But with President Trump and many Republicans refusing to believe the November election results in Georgia were fair and that the election was rigged, both Lathan and England say the Senate run-off races lay the groundwork for the future of the country.

“It is simply right and fair, for us to raise our hand.  Use the tool the U-S constitution, the found fathers wrote for us, gave us, to simply say did you follow your laws,” Lathan said.

“Many people have been willing to dig into conspiracy theories and evidence that has clearly been debunked on several occasions to chase this fool’s errand,” England said.

Democrats will need to win both Georgia Senate seats to win control of the Senate from Republicans.  


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