BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — The relentless heat wave means substantially higher power bills for some people in central Alabama.

Alabama Power customer William Jordan says he normally pays $80 a month, but this heat has increased the cost of cooling his home. On Wednesday, he went to Alabama Power to make arrangements to pay his bill this month. 

Jordan says he’s on a fixed income, but he needs to stay cool in this dangerous heat.

“I suffer from COPD and have asthma so I have to stay cool and when I get in the heat, I can’t breathe,” Jordan said.

Alabama Power spokesperson Anthony Cook says the company offers several payment assistance programs to help customers with their bills.

He also says unplugging your appliances when they are not in use is another way you can bring your power bill down when it’s extremely hot.

“People don’t know that when you’re not using your TV or your office equipment or kitchen appliances … if they’re plugged in, they’re still using power. So we recommend to try unplugging those appliances to avoid the wasted energy,” Cook said.

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