ADPH on rolling back the reporting of COVID-19 case numbers


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Even with more people getting vaccinated, the virus is still circling. Still, some states are rolling back how often they report COVID-19 numbers.

ADPH reports updated numbers to the state dashboard three times a week.

Beth Blauer at Johns Hopkins University believes quote, “The shift will hinder the ability to provide the real time analysis needed to monitor the pandemic, including the emergence of variants.”

Dr. Karen Landers says it will have no effect.

“This is the data that we compile to be able to put on our public dashboard,” she added. “We’re looking at data everyday. We have reports coming in everyday. We’re reviewing that. Our Infectious Disease and Outbreak Division, our epidemiologists are regularly working with this data so we do not expect it will change our approach at all.”

This means ADPH isn’t slowing down on reviewing numbers, just simply the reporting of them online.

“The Alabama Department of Public Health has been very committed from the beginning of this outbreak to close and careful monitoring of the parameters,” said Dr. Landers. “So again, we do not expect this to change anything we are doing.”

Alabama isn’t the only state that’s rolled back on reporting. Florida is only reporting once a week, while Tennessee and Mississippi are reporting five times a week.

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